This article is about a/an villain in Kyojuu Tokusou Juspion.

Zampa (ザンパ Zanpa?, 13-18): evil android who wrongly attributed to Kerly and Hanna (Juspion's biological parents) the downfall of Machine Empire, which he wanted to rule. As a revenge, Zampa attacked Juspion's family's spaceship, forcing a disastrous crash land which killed them both, leaving only Juspion to survive. The hero avenged his parents by destroying Zampa.

Powers and abilities

  • Superhuman durability, being immune to Juspion's laser pistol in all his body except eyes.
  • Good martial artist and weaponer
  • Electronic vision grants better targeting.
  • Body parts will continue working after being dismembered.
  • Lightning from eyes (Ep. 18)
  • As a android he presumely doesn't need eat, sleep, or air.


  • Kabegonta (13)
  • Umiking (14)
  • Portsanki (15)
  • Dyman/Dymatiko (16)
  • Headdrimer (17)
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