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Youki (ヨウキ Yōki?, 3539): A new Waller officer and androgynic entity. He was created from a mix of the evil hearts of men, by way of their spirits, and by the Waller deity's (Pandora's) power. He gathered key members of Japanese society and brainwashed them into joining his own secret society, Mumumu. He uses these brainwashed characters to attack and terrorize the city, as well as Spielban and the heroes. Spielban was able to save the brainwashed masses. Youki can appear and disappear at will, as well as blast lasers from his mouth in battle which he first demonstrates in a fight against Spielban. Not trusted by many of the other officers Youki eventually decides to take over Waller, creating the Youki Battle Mechanoid from the remains of various Battle Mechanoids. Vacuumer destroys Youki's creation and sucks up most of his powers. Afterwards Pandora kills the weakened Youki, with a blast of her staff. Despite this, he was given a funeral, before being sent into the depths of space, by the remaining Waller officers and Pandora. Due to the timeline change, during the finale, he may or may not have ever existed.

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