Yajiro Iyo (伊予 野二郎 Iyo Yajirō?):Appears in Episode 27 played by Metal Hero veteran Kenji Ohba. A skilled warrior formerly from the Togakure school who seeks to challenge the best, he is known for his unpredictable behavior. He lives in the city of Matsuyama at Shikoku, but is asked by Tetsuzan to visit Tokyo in order to discourage Toha from becoming too arrogant. He does so by challenging Toha to an unarmed match for the ownership of the Jiraiya Suit and the Optical-magnetized Light Vacuum Sword. After being defeated by Yajiro, Toha goes through an intensive training program in order to defeat him. Toha learns a new skill that allows to blank out his mind and augment his entire body's senses in order to better predict attacks. Toha defeats Yajiro in the rematch and reclaims his armor and sword.


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