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Kiba (魔女キバ Majo Kiba) (30-44) (Noboru Mitani) is a terrible old witch; the wife of Don Horror, and San Dorva's mother. She co-plots a devilish scheme to exterminate Gavan. Her mind is in San Dorva's scepter and she can materialize at any moment. She is killed by Gavan along with San Dorva.


A fellow clanswoman, Witch Kill, was part of the revived Makuu thirty years later. She vowed to kill the new Gavan as vengeance for the death of the Witch Kiba. Uchuu Keiji Gavan: The Movie


  • Keibi Doubler (30)
  • Saimin Doubler (31)
  • Totsugeki Doubler (32)
  • Kaibutsu Doubler (33)
  • Doctor Doubler (34)
  • Guts Doubler (35)
  • Urami Doubler (36)
  • Anahori Doubler (37)
  • Gang Doubler (38)
  • Nottori Doubler (39)
  • Youkai Doubler (40)
  • Jigoku Doubler (41)
  • Buffalo Doubler (42)
  • Lizard Doubler (Movie)


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