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Wisdom (ウィズダム Wizudamu?): A slave married to Hedogross, who later gives birth to Hedogross Jr. She has both a human and a mutant form armed with sharp nails. When she first appears, in Episode 9, she gives her husband her earring to hold during battle. When he is destroyed, she plucks the earring from his remains and vows revenge on Metalder, gaining her chance in Episode 12. She uses her human guise to portray a damsel in distress for Metalder to rescue, before revealing her true form and attacking. She flees when her labor pains become too intense. Back at the lab, Metalder learns she is just a pregnant slave. He saves her from Galador, who attacked her because she failed to defeat Metalder and ruined their plan. After Metalder rescues her, he returns her earring which she dropped fighting him, and allows her to escape. Sometime before Episode 15, she bears Hedogross Jr. When Junior attacks Metalder, she becomes angry and informs him that Metalder had saved her life. She tries to steer her son away from the Empire, but in vain. Wisdom is later taken hostage by the Empire, but is rescued by her son. She helps both he and Metalder fight off the Empire before leaving the Neros Empire with him to parts unknown.

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