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Water Ninja Silver Shark (水忍 シルバーシャーク Suinin Shirubāshāku?): An assassin descended from a Caribbean pirate who swims the seas in search of riches. He specializes in underwater combat and wields a harpoon gun. In Episode 24, he cooperates with the Sorcerers Clan in search of Captain Cook's treasure. He returns in Episode 40 to cooperate with the Sorcerers Clan alongside Parchis, but is caught in one of Gamesh 002's traps. He returns again in Episode 48, where he is defeated for good.


An image depicting Jiraiya fighting Silver Shark is among those seen when Kasumi MomochiIcon-crosswiki looks up the legendary ninja in the thirty-fourth episodeIcon-crosswiki of Shuriken Sentai NinningerIcon-crosswiki.

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