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"Trooper Transform! We are VR!"
―Transformation call[src]
―Armor transformation cancellation call[src]

On display in the series' first episodes when they are presented to Ryan Steele, JB Reese and Kaitlin Star

Vr trooper morph

Vr trooper morph

Transformation sequence compilation - Ryan Steele's first and second armor transformations and the armor transformations of JB Reese and Kaitlin Star are among the sequences featured

The Virtualizers are the main power source of the VR Troopers. Each one of this neck-worn device contains a bio-electronic conducting crystal that needs to be perfectly enabled in order to work.

These devices are what they employ to transform - the transformation call used is "Trooper Transform! We are VR!". "Retroform" is the command used to cancel the transformation into armor.

In season 1, Ryan uses a Virtualizer that Professor Hart gives him, which, in season 2, is destroyed when saving his father - in response, Tyler designs his son a new more powerful Virtualizer that possesses a crystal given to them courtesy of Tao; it accesses all new armor weapons & vehicles for Ryan as well as a change in strength.


In Small but Mighty, the Troopers, following their transformation into children, can still use the Virtualizers, but their usage while as children had a downside: the powers can be maintained only for maximum duration of 15 minutes.

In the series' pilot, these transformation devices were named as Transformation Pallets - by the series' beginning, they are now named as Virtualizers.

"We are VR!", spoken aloud at the first shot of the transformation sequence, is sometimes left out at random times - it is presented as an optional addition, meaning it can be left out at any time - the actual transformation call is simply "Trooper Transform!"

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