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Violent Spirit Top Gunder (トップガンダー Toppu Gandā?) is a soldier who initially serves the Robotic Warrior Army armed with a builtin radar, a sniper rifle, uses a motorcycle, and has a reinforced left arm. Top Gunder is a lone gunman in black tights and a single red-eye who believes in fair play. He was built after the manga character Golgo 13. Though he originally intended to kill Metalder in a one-on-one fight, Top Gunder later gained respect for Metalder and became close allies with him. In Episode 33, a fake robotic Top Gunder was created to bait Metalder into a rescue, as the real Top Gunder had been captured by the armies of God Neros. The fake robot attacked Metalder shortly after being rescued, only to be shot and destroyed by the real Top Gunder when Crosslander exposed the deception. Also, in Episode 33, Top Gunder revealed that he, like Zargen, was capable of dreaming. He helped Metalder to bring down the Ghost Bank in Episodes 35-37, only to be killed by God Neros, who was in Coolgin's old armor.

Behind the scenes

As suggested by the design of the titular hero, Choujinki Metalder is homage to the Shotaro Ishinomori tokusatsu series, Android Kikaider, Top Gunder could be thought of as Metalder's version of Hakaider, Kikaider's rival and anti-hero.


  • In the French dub of Metalder, his name was changed to Foudroyor.
  • Top Gunder had became an icon of villain design of Metal Hero Series in the 21st century, which seen his concept art was using for the cover of Kikkai-Senban.

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