Victorious Saint Geldring (ゲルドリング Gerudoringu?) is a green muscular beast with a skull-like head encased in a clear egg-shaped dome that resembles a mutant turtle. Geldring's other abilities include teleportation, shooting toxic foam out of his fingers, turning into slime, producing electricity from his hands, breathing fire and releasing vine-like appendages and acid from his mouth. He has the most opportunities to battle Metalder personally, but fails. His personality is dirty, treacherous, envious, cowardly, and accommodating. He frequently criticizes the other armies and often takes credit for work accomplished by his fellow mutants. In Episode 9, he teases and taunts Hedogross for his love of Wisdom and soon prompts the other mutants to do the same. In Episode 15, despite Hedogross Jr. fitting into his rank, he does not want the young mutant to represent the Monster Army. In Episode 32, he learns of a rare plant which enhances those who consume it with great power. He puts this newfound strength to use against Metalder, but does not realize the effect is temporary. He is presumably destroyed after this fight, by Metalder, when Metalder uses his Laser Arm. In this battle, Geldring reveals the ability to blast lasers from his eyes as well as breathe fire. Geldring resurfaces in Episode 35, He has an Ability to Sprout Smaller Tentacles on his face to go iniside and Jammed Metalders Internal Systems however, to battle alongside Bankora and is finally destroyed in this match, again by Metalder's Laser Arm attack, turning into a puddle of slime.

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