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Victorious Saint Coolgin (クールギン, Kūrugin) is a first-class strategist, swordsman and God Neros' second-in-command. Though confused by his master's fear of Koga, Coolgin realizes why when Metalder reveals himself. However, Coolgin manages to defeat Metalder with one sword attack during their first confrontation. Coolgin had another brief rematch with Metalder in the Ghost Bank in Episode 19, but Metalder escaped before they could finish. In Episode 26, he gained yet another chance to fight Metalder one-on-one, but lost. Underneath his mask, he looks exactly like Kirihara; the purpose is so that he can be God Neros' shadow to create confusion. When the Ghost Bank self-destructs in Episode 37, Metalder believes he has defeated God Neros, but Coolgin and God Neros had switched places shortly before the battle. Coolgin attempts to kill Metalder and Top Gunder by destroying the Ghost Bank, but this plan backfires as Coolgin finds himself bound to the throne by electrical tentacles. Unable to escape, Coolgin accepts his fate and perishes in the explosion. Coolgin reappears as a ghost in the final episode. When Metalder stabs his fiery life force, he vanishes forever. His powers and abilities include high jumping and katana proficiency. He also possesses a motorcycle.

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Reincarnated, Coolgin is a member of the cult Genmakuu. Following the downfall of Lars/Mad Gallant, Butterfly Ninja Benikiba vowed to Guru Fumein that she would proceed to assist Coolgin on his ongoing operation. Uchuu Keiji Gavan vs. Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger

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