Victorious Saint Balusky (バルスキー Baruskī?) is a silver robot with a golden gear on his forehead that fires beams, and yellow and black stripes on chest and forearm armor. He can also blast energy from his eyes, has a machine gun in his right arm, and is equipped with a chain. He is proud of his army and does not move away from it. He fights for his fellow robots and praises them at every turn. In Episode 11, he leads his fellow androids and the Mechanical Army in an effort to capture the escaped Bigwayne. In Episode 36, he loses to Metalder, though he manages to survive, even after Metalder knocks him into the water. In Episode 38, he returns and gains the ability to assume the forms and use the abilities of his troops, via Lortail's help. Thanks to Lortail's help, Valsky can transform into Gochak, Jars, Bigwayne, Crosslander, and Galdos. But despite being defeated by Metalder's Laser Arm and G-Kick attacks, Valsky seemed impressed by Metalder and made peace with him before he explodes.

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