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Vacuumer (バキューマー?): A heavy-armored fan-themed robot that can suck anyone toward him or blow them away with gusts from his built-in fans. When Youki rebelled against the Waller and took over the Game death, this robot was summoned to deal with him. It sucked up all of Youki's power and destroyed the Youki Battle Mechanoid. Later it was sent to destroy Spielban, Diana and Helen, with Deathzero and his fleet in tow and came very close to succeeding. Spielban destroyed it with his Arc Impulse, soon after confronting it.

In footage cut after the initial airing due to time constraints, his twin lasers actually did nothing to Vacuumer except briefly distract him. In what was supposed to be a climactic scene, Vacuumer had prepared to suck Spielban up permanently after the twin blades had failed to do damage against the Waller monster, although it did distract him enough that Diana and Helen fell safely to the ground, and it had been established that Spielban was vulnerable after using the attack. Spielban actually had to use the Big Bang Cannon on him to destroy him. Seizing an opportunity, the kinclons that were assisting him charged into battle, but he was able to somehow generate enough energy to use the twin blades to defeat the foot soldiers, who fell in defeat before Vacuumer did. This footage was later used in the original broadcast episode of VR Troopers as well, but was later cut for similar reasons. Vacuumer was only one of two Waller monsters that could not be defeated by normal means, the other was Blizzer.

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