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Super Electronic Star Sakura's Sadness (悲しみの超電子星サクラ Kanashimi no Chōdenshisei Sakura?) is the second episode of Kyojuu Tokusou Juspion.


Juspion, Anri, and Miya spotted dead astronauts flooring in the depths of space and notice a ship and went inside to investigate. After their Investigation end the ship suddenly shut down and they somehow landed on Planet Peace which was now covered in snow.


Jaspion in his second adventure, travels the universe. Miya and Jaspion are playing ball. Anri off the antigravity despisitivo and causes Jaspion Mya and fall to the ground. Anri Jaspion surprised by the appearance of a ghost ship. The ship makes a crash landing on the planet Peecee. There he meets the electronic brain Sakura. Jaspion discovers that the electronic brain and the monster are one. In the end, when he destroys the monster's brain explodes with the planet turning it into particles.


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DVD Releases

Space Wolf Juspion in SD

The complete Juspion series was released in North America by Discotek in 2019.


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