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Touma Amagi (天城 闘真 Amagi Touma?) is the 36th Jiraiya, apprentice of Toha Yamaji and a core member of Space SquadIcon-crosswiki.png.


Together with Shu Karasuma, Space Sheriff Shaider, Jiraiya pursued the Space Ninja Demost, an old enemy of Toha Yamaji turned member of the cult Genmakuu. Engaging him in battle, the two Space Squad members were unable to contain him before he used his ninja arts to open a temporary dimensional hole leading to a another universeIcon-crosswiki.png which he intended to claim for the Genmakuu. Through replicating Demost's technique, Jiraiya was able to keep the hole open for Shaider to follow him in Vavilos, later followed by Gavan's Dolgiran.

Touma is calling his allies.

Though maintaining the hole proved an extremely taxing ordeal for Jiraiya as time went on, he endured just long enough for Gavan and Shaider to return home with the captive Demost. Soon after, on Planet Bird, Jiraiya presented a GNS broadcast to Geki and Shu, making them aware that a Genmakuu member had instigated a fire at a skyscraper on the planet Arimei which claimed the lives of over 900 people. This atrocity made Geki realize that the Space Squad needed to collaborate with a rescue force. Uchu Sentai Kyuranger vs. Space Squad

Video game appearances

Super Sentai Legend Wars

Space Squad as seen in Super Sentai Legend Wars.

Jiraiya guest stars as a member of Space Squad in the mobile game Super Sentai Legend WarsIcon-crosswiki.png.





Senkai Ninja Jiraiya

Behind the scenes

With Gavan and Shaider.

This incarnation of Jiraiya was introduced in the 2018 crossover film Uchu Sentai Kyuranger vs. Space Squad. As highlighted in promotional material, he can be considered a replacement to Sharivan, who is now absent in future Metal Hero productions as his actor Riki Miura retired from the entertainment business.


Touma Amagi is voiced by Kenji Akabane (赤羽根 健治 Akabane Kenji?) in Uchu Sentai Kyuranger vs. Space Squad.


  • His civilian name is pronounced similar to Toha Yamaji's name.


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