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Tokusou Robo Janperson (特捜ロボ ジャンパーソン Tokusō Robo Janpāson?, Special Investigation Robot Janperson) was the 1993 installment in Toei Company Limited's Metal Hero Series. The series revolved around Janperson, a robotic detective who patrolled the streets of Tokyo and fought against three different underworld organizations who used super technology to subjugate the masses. Unlike most Metal Heroes, a monster-of-the-week was rarely shown and most of the villains are criminals akin to television police dramas. The name given to this series by Toei for international distribution is Jumperson.[1]



Janperson Janperson
Gun Gibson Gun Gibson




Tatewaki Konzern

Bill Goldy Ryuzaburou Tatewaki

Neo Guild

Super Science Network


  1. The Mysterious New Hero (謎の新英雄! Nazo no New Hero!)
  2. We Are Justice! (俺が正義だ!! Ore ga Seigi da!!)
  3. Wanted - Robotic Hero (参上!ロボ狩人 Sanjou! Robo Hunter)
  4. The Fang Of The Strongest Corps Which Face (牙むく最強軍団 Kiba Muku Saikyou Gundan)
  5. Enter: Neo Guild! (飛べ俺の胸に! Tobe Ore no Mune ni!)
  6. The Wandering Iceman (さまよう冷凍男 Samayou Ice Man)
  7. As For Me Girl? (ボクは女の子? Boku wa Onna no Ko?)
  8. The New Face Of The Hero Whom You Saw (見た英雄ニューヒーローの顔!! Mieta New Hero no Kao!!)
  9. My Father Is An Android! (パパは怪物だ! Papa wa Kaimono da!)
  10. In God Of Luck Carefulness (福の神に御用心 Fuku no Kami ni Goyoujin)
  11. A Heading Prophecy (弱虫戦士の微笑 Konchu Senshi no Bijou)
  12. Blood Is More Weightful Than Water (宅配ロボ大騒動
  13. The Secret of Janperson, Super Ancient Soldier
  14. Friendship Before The Blasting Sun / Size
  15. The Angel Who Throws Away The Wing
  16. Mystery Of The Golden Bird
  17. First Opening - JP Base
  18. The Secret Story of Janperson's Birth
  19. Mysterious Thief - Electromagnetic Transmission
  20. The Ninja Arts - Your Life Or My Life
  21. The History Upper Beginning - The Enemy Which Cannot Be Pushed Down
  22. Challenge - Cancer Gun Gibson, Carol and Neo Guild Hitman
  23. Crash: Janperson versus Gun Gibson
  24. To Die For Justice
  25. Battle Of The Quickest Gun Fighters - King Decisive Game
  26. The Turbo-Charged Chariot
  27. The True Face Of A Large Leader
  28. Tree Of Life, Shadow Warrior
  29. Death For The Androids
  30. Rupture - Last Soul
  31. The Birth Of A New Janperson Model?
  32. The Labyrinth From Which It Can't Be Escaped
  33. Ardent Love Man Of Outer Space One
  34. Good Bye In Intense Fighting
  35. Reckless Driving Sailor Blouse
  36. Life It Does Shortly, The Beauty Boy
  37. Justice Vs Love
  38. Gun Gibson Scattered About
  39. Beautiful Woman Secretary Of Hell
  40. Base In Danger - Changing Illusion Crime lord
  41. Decision Dead Sphere Of Thrust Trap
  42. In The Heat Of Battle
  43. The Last Super Fighter
  44. The Queen Who Burns!
  45. The Road To Death
  46. NG Last Battle!
  47. Puzzle? Storm Of Betrayal
  48. JP Base's Destruction!
  49. When Gun Gibson Goes Out In Flames
  50. Janperson Forever



Guest Stars


Opening theme
Ending theme
  • "Asayake no Lullaby" (朝焼けのララバイ Asayake no Rarabai?, "Morning Lullaby")
    • Lyrics: Keisuke Yamakawa
    • Composition: Keisuke Hama
    • Arrangement: Kei Wakakusa
    • Artist: Susumu Ōya


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