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Tokkei Winspector (特警ウインスペクター Tokkei Uinsupekutā?, Special Rescue Police Winspector) is a Japanese tokusatsu TV series, part of the Metal Hero Series and the first piece of the Rescue Hero trilogy. The series follows the adventures and missions of a special "Rescue Police" team known as Special Police Winspector, as they stop crimes and respond to dangerous events where regular police force is not sufficient. The team is made up of one human (a hero clad in armor) and two robotic assistants.

Every episode of Special Rescue Police Winspector begins with the statement: "Special Rescue Police Winspector: loves peace, have faith in friendship, facing the crime to protect of the life of the person, at the "Police Headquarters Special Emergency Police Team"!" (特警ウインスペクターとは、平和を愛し、友情を信じ、人の命を守るため犯罪に立ち向かう、「警視庁特別救急警察隊」のことである! Tokkei Uinsupekutā to wa, heiwa o aishi, yūjō o shinji, hito no inochi o mamorutame hanzai ni tachimukau, "Keishichō Tokubetsukyūkyūkeisatsutai" no koto de aru!?)


Tokkei Winspector takes place in a near-future Japan of the year 1999. As the country is facing a great threat from criminals, new methods of protecting people are created. The Winspector squad consisting of the robot brothers Walter and Bikel along with Ryouma wearing the Fire Tector armor defend against super powered threats ranging from mob attacks to scientific experiments gone terribly wrong. It (and Solbrain) are unique among tokusatsu as there is no central villain.





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Fire Ryouma Kagawa
Bikel Bikel
Walter Walter


  • GigaStreamer (ギガストリーマー GigaSutorīmā?): Strongest weapon in the world. First used to defeat an evil robot cop named Brian, who was created by the same system as Bikel and Walter. GigaStreamer has two modes-plasma bullet shooter and hand drill. On their 1st mission, Ryoma puts inside it his MaxCalibur. Later Daiki (SolBraver) used it to defeat chameleon-robot.
  • MaxCalibur (マックスキャリバー MakkusuKyaribā?): Used by Fire like a sword, that also shoots lasers.
  • BiSpear (バイスピアー BaiSupiā?): Bikel's two swords, which can be combined to form a long rod and these are the handlebar of WinChaser.
  • Dislider (ディスライダー DiSuraidā?): Walter's wings. He also can catch Biker and fly. It can also transform to shield.
  • Multi Pack (マルチパック MaruchiPakku?): A box with water-shooters and first aid equipment. Used by Fire, Bikel and Walter.
  • Daytric M2 (デイトリックM2 Deitorikku Emu Tsū?): Each member has one. This is a gun stored in leg hostler.
  • HandWapper (ハンドワッパー Handowappā?): Cuffs.
  • WinBadge/FireBadge (特警手帳 Tokkei Techō?): Ryoma's police license. Becomes white, when he wears the Crush Tector.
  • WinChaser (ウインチェイサー UinCheisā?): Bikel's bike.
  • WinSquad (ウインススコード UinSukōdo?): Ryoma's car. A custom modified 3rd generation Chevrolet Camaro. Can transform him in Fire. Also when Ryoma put the SPCard (SPカード EsuPī Kādo?) it transforms to FireSquad (ファイヤースコード FaiyāSukōdo?).


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  1. The Runaway Baby (赤ちゃん暴走 Akachan Bōsō?)
  2. Strange R/C (笑うラジコン弾 Warau Rajikon Dan?)
  3. Cheers to Friendship (友情に乾杯 Yūjō ni Kanpai?)
  4. The Life Taking Thief (命を運ぶドロボウ Inochi o Hakobu Dorobō?)
  5. Attack! The Giant Bird (襲う!巨大怪鳥 Osou! Kyodai Kaichō?)
  6. The Couple That Reverted to Children (子供に戻った両親 Kodomo ni Modotta Ryōshin?)
  7. The Happy, Praying Holy Girl (幸せ祈る聖少女 Shiawase Inoru Seishōjo?)
  8. Police Agents in Family (脱線!親子救急隊 Dassen! Oyako Kyūkyūtai?)
  9. The Bomb-Setting Dog (爆弾仕掛けの犬 Bakudan Jikake no Inu?)
  10. Revenge of the Adults (大人をやっつけろ Otona o Yattsukero?)
  11. Ryouta's First Love Letter (良太の初恋急行便 Ryōta no Hatsukoi Kyūkōbin?)
  12. My Robot Friend (僕の友達ロボット Boku no Tomodachi Robotto?)
  13. Ryouma is Dead!? (竜馬が死んだ!? Ryōma ga Shinda!??)
  14. The Death-God Moss' Counterattack!! (死神モスの逆襲!! Shinigami Mosu no Gyakushū!!?)
  15. Ryouma! Destroy Masaki (竜馬!正木を射て Ryōma! Masaki o Ute?)
  16. Lovable Walter (大好きウォルター Daisuki Worutā?)
  17. The Scary Space Creatures (怖い宇宙の贈り物 Kowai Uchū no Okurimono?)
  18. Super Abilities! The Determined Girl (超能力!孝行少女 Chō Nōryoku! Kōkō Shōjo?)
  19. The Bridge of Love and Courage (愛と勇気の父子橋 Ai to Yūki no Oyako Bashi?)
  20. Burning K.O. Punch! (熱いKOパンチ! Atsui Kei Ō Panchi!?)
  21. Tears And the Fatal Ball (涙に散った銃弾 Namida ni Chitta Jūdan?)
  22. The Murderer Dies Twice (殺人犯は二度死ぬ Satsujinhan wa Nido Shinu?)
  23. Father's Comic Postcard (父のマンガはがき Chichi no Manga Hagaki?)
  24. My Piiko-chan (私のピーコちゃん Watashi no Pīkochan?)
  25. The Robot Which Cries in the Rain (雨に泣くロボット Ame ni Naku Robotto?)
  26. The Sad Girl's Journey (薄幸少女の旅立ち Hakkō Shōjo no Tabidachi?)
  27. The Star Summoning 100-Year-Old Beauty (星を呼ぶ百歳美女 Hoshi o Yobu Hyakusai Bijo?)
  28. Fly! Yuuko Rocket (飛べ!優子号 Tobe! Yūko-gō?)
  29. The Ghost of the Village (昆虫採集の妖!?怪 Konchū Saishū no Yō!? Kai?)
  30. Mama... Mama, Help Me (ママ…ママ助けて Mama... Mama Tasukete?)
  31. The Pain of the Strongest Robo (悲しみの最強ロボ Kanashimi no Saikyō Robo?)
  32. Onslaught Against the Police Station (警視庁を占拠せよ Keishichō o Senkyo Seyo?)
  33. Urashima Taro Awakens (目覚めた浦島太郎 Mezameta Urashima Tarō?)
  34. A Reversed Trip (逆転ばあちゃん Gyakuten Bāchan?)
  35. Mother and Child's SOS! (母と子のSOS! Haha to Ko no Esu Ō Esu!?)
  36. Bikel's Father (バイクルのパパ Baikuru no Papa?)
  37. Attack of the Amazoness (アマゾネス来襲 Amazonesu Raishū?)
  38. The Chosen Man (選ばれた男 Erabareta Otoko?)
  39. The Mysterious Thief (悲しい老怪盗 Kanashii Rōkaitō?)
  40. Ohashi Seto's Mutant - Part 1 (瀬戸大橋の怪人Ⅰ Seto Ōhashi no Kaijin Pāto Wan?)
  41. Ohashi Seto's Mutant - Part 2 (瀬戸大橋の怪人Ⅱ Seto Ōhashi no Kaijin Pāto Tsū?)
  42. The Treasonous Investigator (裏切りの捜査官 Uragiri no Sōsakan?)
  43. The Boy Who Became a Bomb (爆弾になった少年 Bakudan ni Natta Shōnen?)
  44. A Very Different Day (一日だけの晴れ舞台 Ichinichi Dake no Harebutai?)
  45. Love Just Before the Explosion at 0 Seconds (爆破0秒前の愛 Bakuha Zerobyō Mae no Ai?)
  46. One Bad Boy (一日一悪の少年 Ichinichi Ichiaku no Shōnen?)
  47. Naive Ambition's Trap (億ションの甘い罠 Okushon no Amai Wana?)
  48. Attack the Special Police! (特警を壊滅せよ! Tokkei o Kaimetsu Seyo!?)
  49. Fly into the Sky of Hope (翔べ希望の空へ Tobe Kibō no Sora e?)


Suit actors[]

Tagalog Dub Cast[]

In this version, the characters were renamed where Ryoma Kagawa was called Gabriel and Junko Fujino was called Carina and aired as the sequel of The Mobile Cop Jiban.

  • Gabriel/Ryouma Kagawa: TBA
  • Bryan/Bikel: TBA
  • Walter: TBA
  • Carina/Junko Fujino: TBA



Opening theme
Ending theme

International Broadcasts & Home Media[]

  • In its home country of Japan, Toei Video released the series on VHS throughout six volumes from April to December of 1994. But only 24 episodes total were released. Later, Toei Video released the full TV series for the first time with a DVD release from May 21, 2010 to September 21, 2010. Ten episodes were included in the first four volumes, with the fifth and final volumes containing the last nine.
  • In Thailand, the series aired with a Thai dub on MCOT Channel 9 from 1991 to 1992 at 10:30 AM on Sunday mornings and it also aired on TV7 in the mid-1990s. Currently, the series is licensed by TIGA Company in the region.
  • In Hong Kong, the series aired with a Cantonese Chinese dub on TVB Jade, broadcast as Future Special Police (未來特警). The first half of the series aired in 1991, with the second half airing in 1993.
  • The series in France on TF1 on May 6, 1991. Its popularity led to the airings of subsequent Metal Hero shows such as Space Sheriff Sharivan, Space Sheriff Shaider, and The Mobile Cop Jiban. The opening of the show was sung by Bernard Minet. However, only 42 out of 49 episodes were dubbed in French.
  • It was shown in Italy on Italia 7 airing from February 24, 1992 to June 15, 1992. It was the only series in the Metal Heroes series that was aired in the region and it was broadcast fully uncut and unedited in its original form. All 49 episodes were dubbed in Italian. The show used both an instrumental version of the Japanese opening and one of the French dub opening.
  • It was also shown in Germany on RTl Television in 1992-1993 (and a second time in 1994–1995). This was the only series in the Metal Heroes series that aired in the region. All 49 episodes were dubbed in German.
  • In Spain, the series aired on TVE1 around the same time as Jiban, with a Castilian Spanish dub.
  • In Brazil, the series aired with a Brazilian Portuguese dub on TV Manchete in 1994 and it was very popular at the time of its broadcast, along with several other seasons in the Metal Heroes franchise.
  • In the Philippines, The series was titled Special Police Rescue Winspector when it debuted and aired on IBC-13 from 1993 to 1994 with a Tagalog dub. In this version, the characters were renamed where Ryoma Kagawa was called Gabriel and Junko Fujino was called Carina and aired as the sequel of The Mobile Cop Jiban.
  • In Indonesia, it aired on Indosiar with an Indonesian dub on January 12, 1995. With the channel officially launching a day before the series premiere, that makes this series to be one of the very first programs overall to air.
  • In Malaysia, it aired on TV3 with a Malay dub in 1995.


  • Although some of the show's original background music was composed by Seiji Yokoyama, the majority was recycled from Metalder.
  • This is the last Metal Heroes show to be dubbed in French and the only one to be dubbed in German and Italian.
  • This is the first Metal Hero show not named after a singular hero.

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