This article is about a/an ally/villain in Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan.

Toby Mendoza is Cervano's fan in college who was being bullied by friends who become traitors to Cervano. Toby is ill and to survive he needs B- blood which Cervano donates since he also had B- blood. After his recovery he becomes best friends with Cervano. Seeing Cervano being beaten up by his former friends he saves him with the help of his newly acquired powers which came from Cervano's blood. He styles himself "Zaido Gold" and fashions a costume out of painted motocross riding gear and similar paraphernalia. He has participated in several battles with, and in some cases in place of, the Zaido and asks Cervano if he can be part of the team. When he is refused we next see him as Shadow, a Zaido-like enemy who fights against the Zaido. It is revealed that Shadow is part of the forces of Kuuma. He disappears after being defeated by the Zaido Squad but is revived by Le-ar to fight them again. He is defeated by the Amasonas.

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