The Treasured Pako (秘宝パコ Hihō Pako?):

Pako comes to Earth inside the capsule

Voiced by Jun Yoshida and played by Tomoko Taya, who portrayed Rei Yagyu. An alien time capsule that fell from space during 4th century B.C. It holds a mysterious super energy equivalent to the Sun itself, causing the Sorcerers Clan and most of the World Ninjas to fight fiercely to obtain it. Its location is inscribed on a clay board (粘土板 nendo ita?), which was split into two by Dokusai when he betrayed the Togakure school and took one of the halves, with the other half being kept by Tetsuzan. Its true form is that of an energy being from the Dark Star that originally intended to invade the Earth, but was reformed when it experienced the kindness of earthlings. It can only communicate telepathically via Reiha, who is descended from one of the aliens that brought Pako to Earth.
75 - Pako

Pako's True Form

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