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Forces of the Neros Empire

The Four Armies of the Neros Empire (ネロス帝国軍4軍団 Nerosu Teikokugun Yon Gundan?) are God Neros' primary fighters (Armored, Robotic Warrior, Monster and Armament). Each is led by a "Victorious Saint" (凱聖 Gaisei?), with nine ranks beneath it. From highest to lowest:

Members that are ranked below Light Fighter are given miscellaneous designations such as Light Fighter Apprentice (軽闘士見習い Keitōshi Minarai?), Slave (奴隷 Dorei?), and Musical Robot (音楽ロボット Ongaku Robotto?). The ranks from Keitōshi through Gekitōshi are named after the severity levels of earthquakes in Japanese (i.e. Gekitōshi is derived from gekishin (激震?), a severe earthquake).

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