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The Death-God Moss' Counterattack!! (死神モスの逆襲!! Shinigami Mosu no Gyakushū!!?) is the fourteenth episode of Tokkei Winspector


With the new transformable WinSquad, Ryoma tracks down Reaper Moss, trying to stop him from stealing the Japanese Seed Bank Project and rescue Dr. Satomura. But incidents begin to befall the Winspector team. Bikel and Demitasse are ambushed and taken out of commission, and Walter walks right into a trap. When team is attacked during a supposedly secret stakeout, an uncomfortable truth becomes apparent: Reaper Moss has a spy. Get ready for the fight of a lifetime as Winspector prepares to storm Reaper Moss' well defended stronghold!


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Here's what it looks like on the eyecatch.


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