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Tetsuzan Yamaji (山地 哲山 Yamaji Tetsuzan?) The 34th Grandmaster of the Togakure-ryū Ninpō school. The adoptive father of Toha and biological father to Kei and Manabu. His wife Sanae (早苗?) was the daughter of Tetsuzan's master, but she was killed during a crossfire between Tetsuzan and the Sorcerers Clan eight years prior to the start of the series (when Manabu was an infant). He opened the Bujinkan (武神館?) ninpo dojo at his own apartment complex, but has received very few students outside his own children. He raises Bonsai trees at his spare time and owns two pets: Shiro (シロ?), a carrier pigeon; and Kuro (クロ?), a ninja-trained canine. One of his most notable characteristics is his great knowledge of the World Ninjas.



An older Toha Yamaji, having inherited Tetsuzan's place.

Tetsuzan was eventually succeeded as grandmaster of Togakure-ryū Ninpō by Toha. Shinobi 34: Enter Jiraiya, Legendary World Ninja!

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