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Tetsuwan Tantei Robotack and Kabutack: The Great Strange Country Adventure (テツワン探偵ロボタック&カブタック 不思議の国の大冒険 Tetsuwan Tantei Robotakku to Kabutakku: Fushigi no Kuni no Daibōken?) is a special crossover that places the cast of Robotack and Kabutack in the fictional country of Tetsuwan (テツワン大陸?) in Wonder World (ワンダー星?).


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Chasing a thief who stole his Daifuku across Tetsuwan before cornering him at the Tansan Kingdom, Robotack is arrested by a pair of Baby Elephant Robo guards. Brought before the king and queen of Tansan, Robotack is given the task to find their daughter Princess Lamune. Learning that a rhinoceros-beetle-like robot kidnapped Lamune, and finding a crow's feather at the scene, Robotack goes to a stand run by Mimeena who informs him that two robots mentioned seeing the kidnapper at the Desert Town. Heading into the desert, Robotack finds the kidnapper: Kabutack. The two robots proceed to comedically fight each other before assuming their fighting forms and getting serious. But after the two knock each other out, Kabutack sees the crow feather and shows Robotack one he found while getting into a scuffle with the retainers of the dictator Torabolt over a magical shield he found. With this new info, Robotack realizes that Darkrow posed as Kabutack and kidnapped the princess.

Though Kabutack remains to continue his search for the magical sword that can counteract the shield, he has assistant Kamerock accompany Robotack to Ohedo Town where they find Lamune and her two kidnappers. As Kamerock deals with Darkrow and Kabados, Robotack saves the princess and gets her to safety while learning her abduction was orchestrated by Torabolt. At that time, Torabolt arrives and uses the shield to blast Robotack into the river as he spirits the princess away to marry her. After an amnesic misadventure involving Takard and Moglucky, Robotack is joined by the young samurai Kakeru. Sneaking into the Union of Torabolt with the help of a padre to stop the wedding, Robotack and his friends are at a disadvantage until Kabutack arrives with the magical sword. With Kamerock taking the princess to safety, Robotack and Kabutack defeat Darkrow and Kabados. However, the two are overpowered by the summoned Mighty Wonder before they destroy both him and the shield. Robotack then sends Torabolt flying towards his castle, causing it to explode. When he then admits his feelings for her, Robotack is shot down as Lamune tells him that her heart belongs to the knight to treated her with kinddess while in Torabolt's dungeon. Robotack freaks out further when the knight turns out to be the thief, Saburo Sazanki. After the wedding, Robotack eventually lightens up and joins in the party.

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  • Although this movie makes the final appearance of Kabutack, it seems that the entire movie was taken place in a different continuity.


  • December 11, 1998: Released on VHS.
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