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Synthetic Beast Army Commander Gigaro (ギガロ? 1-46): A creature composed of various animal parts, Gigaro was originally a skeletal creature on a desert planet in the Garo dimension, hunted for unknown reasons by humanoids. Exhausted and near death, Gaohm gives him a new powerful body and recruits him into Jamahl. Gigaro uses a white bone-like sword and his whale-flatop could open to reveal a gun. Gigaro imbued himself with life energy meant for the Jamahl to power-up into Final Gigaro (ファイナルギガロ Fainaru Gigaro?, 46 & 47), a red and white version of himself with more power. Defeated by Super Blue Beet, he was ultimately killed by Gaohm who wanted Gigaro's life energy to hasten the completion of the Jamahl Hole. Gigaro was originally supposed to be revived/absorbed by Jagul, but Mai and Kabuto's interference left Gigaro to remain dead and Jagul with a weak point on her new body.

Synthoid-Beast Army


A dying revived Gigaro

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