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Vavilos in it's jet mode


Battle Formation

Vavilos Fire

Vavilos Fire!

Vavilos Laser

Vavilos Laser

The Super Dimensional Mothership Vavilos (バビロス Babirosu?) serves as headquarters of Shaider and Annie as it circles around the Earth. It also functions as a mobile hangar base, as it stores the Shaian and the Blue Hawk when they are not in use. In combat, the Vavilos can fire the Vavilos Beam (バビロス ビーム Babirosu Bīmu?) from its wings. Whenever Shaider enters the Fushigi Dimension and encounters a giant Fuuma gunship, he summons Vavilos, commanding it to transform either into a giant gun called the Big Magnum or a giant robot (known as Battle Formation) whose chest emits a giant laser beam called Vavilos Fire, fires Vavilos Lasers from its hands, catch the Fuuma Gunship's missiles and throw it back towards the Gunship and can shoot Vavilos Missiles.
Big Magnum

Shooting Formation: Big Magnum

Super Hero Taisen Z

In Kamen Rider × Super Sentai × Space Sheriff: Super Hero Taisen Z, Vavilos: Shooting Formation can combine with Grand Birth: Battle Formation and Electronic Starbeast Dol to execute the combination attack "Big Grand Fire".

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Kyuranger vs. Space Squad

Shu Karasuma used the Vavilos to pursue Space Ninja Demost through the dimensional hole he created leading to the universeIcon-crosswiki home to the KyurangersIcon-crosswiki. Ultimately, after Demost was captured, Shu returned homeIcon-crosswiki alongside Geki Jumonji's Dolgiran. Uchu Sentai Kyuranger vs. Space Squad

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