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Grand Nasca

Combat Formation

Grand Nasca standing before the Waller Empire's tanks

The Super Dimensional Mothership Grand Nasca is the source of Spielban and Diana's armor and vehicles, including the Hoverian and the Gaios (both are stored in the blue "square" area, which lifts open to release the needed vehicle). It also serves as their base of operations.

Diana also pilots it to see above the battlefield while Spielban is piloting the Gaios. Its' projectile weapons are Nasca Missiles and Nasca Rockets. It also transforms into the Big Bang Cannon, a bazooka-type weapon that Spielban can use via hologram. It can also go into "Combat Formation", where it becomes a giant robot that performs the "Nasca Hyper Crush" where it stomps General Deathzero's tank vehicles, shoots X-Ray beams from its eyes, and the "Knuckle Bomber", where it punches Deathzero's fighter planes in mid-air. Spielban and Diana arrived in it, on their way to Earth from Clin. It was almost destroyed in the second-to-last episode of the series, after being hijacked by the spirit of Emperor Guillotine.

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