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This section is a guide to how the articles here are named and what the purpose is of redirects.


  • Heroes' identities serve as article titles instead of Hero designations, unless more than one hero has used the designation. i.e. Reddle should be a disambiguation page. Other singular identities are redirects.
  • The full iteration of each article's name is used in the articles. Hence we use Percival Rooney III as the article, with Percy simply being a redirect.
  • Japanese names are open for discussion (but not edit wars) if in case romanization offers multiple choices. If there's a more accepted romanization, it will be used. However, if there's official romanizations those will be used, unless the iteration appears only once and appears faulty.


  • Typically, English versions of full Metal Hero names can be used to redirect to their Hero's pages if they are eponymous (that is, with the same name). "Dimensional Warrior Spielban" can redirect to Yousuke Jou, but Jikuu Senshi Spielban must refer to the show. Other Metal Hero designations (e.g. Grey SWAT, G-Stag, B-Fighter Kuwaga) can be used to direct to their Hero's pages.
  • The purpose of redirects is to make typing, searching on the searchboxes, and straight URL gotos easier. Redirects are to be made when:
    • The full name is not the popular name. i.e. Percy redirects to Percival Rooney III.
    • The real romanization of a Japanese is unknown. i.e. Yuki may redirect to Yuuki or Yukki.
    • The person has an alias. i.e. Princess Ninja Emiha leads to Kei Yamaji.
      • That said, while redirects may always be present in the database, they will not always be for use on pages. i.e. Refer to official romanization for what is to be typed instead.
  • Redirects should not be categorized as they make up clutter when admins clean up the categories. Categories must be used only on the actual page itself.
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