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Strong Ninja Abdad (剛忍 アブダダ Gōnin Abudada?): A ninja from the fictional Democratic Republic of Amel who appears in Episode 8. He is uncle of a young girl named Maira, who was chosen to serve peace ambassador on behalf of Amel. He plots the assassination of his niece in order to turn Amel back into a dictatorial monarchy. Not wanting to kill his elder brother's daughter with his own hands, he hires the Sorcerers Clan to do the deed by paying them with 100-carat (20 g) diamond. His weapons includes a dagger and a double-barreled handgun. He also uses a ninpo technique that allows him to cause large explosions with a mysterious type of powder. His ninja mask is a turban that wraps his entire face.


An image depicting Jiraiya fighting Abdad is among those seen when Kasumi MomochiIcon-crosswiki looks up the legendary ninja in the thirty-fourth episodeIcon-crosswiki of Shuriken Sentai NinningerIcon-crosswiki.

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