This article is about a/an villain weapon in Juukou B-Fighter.

Stinger Byoot

Stinger Byoot (Wire Mode)

Stinger Byoot (Saber Mode)

Stinger Byoot (スティンガービュート Sutingā Byūto?) is Black Beet's special weapon equipped on the right arm. There is a sharp claw that attached on the tip and is often used when attacking at close range, the Stinger Byoot has two additional modes:

  • Wire Mode (ワイヤーモード Waiyā Mōdo?): Allows Black Beet to catch his target like a winch. It can also shoot electric shocks in this mode.
  • Saber Mode (サーベルモード Sāberu Mōdo?): The wire hardens at a relatively long size and becomes a rod shape.
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