This article is about a/an villain in Jikuu Senshi Spielban.

Spy Army Leader Rikki (スパイ軍団 リーダー Supaigundan Rīdā Rikki?, 136): Leader of the Waller's all-female spy army. At one point she tricks the owner of the Edison shop, Daigorou Koyama, into building a prototype for a Battle Mechanoid. She often spies and comes up with cruel plans for the Waller, but is not one for combat. After she interferes with Youki's plan, Pandora angrily turns her into a stone statue for Youki to use as his throne. After Youki's death the talking gerbil was given this throne for his own. During the finale it disappears, though it was presumably destroyed before, or during, the Gamedeath's explosion. She does not exist in the alternate timeline.

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