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Space Sheriff Sharivan

Space Sheriff Sharivan (宇宙刑事シャリバン Uchū Keiji Shariban?) can refer to:



Space Sheriff Sharivan

Sekisha Process

Sekisha Process is what Den uses to transform into Sharivan. When Sharivan transforms with the command Sekisha (赤射 Sekisha?), the Grand Birth envelops him with Solar Metal particles that it absorbs from solar flares to form his armor within milliseconds.




Sharivan2 sharivanarm09

Sword hidden in a compartment on the left hip Sharivan.

Sharivan Kick

Sharivan2 sharivanwaza01

harivan jumps before performing a scissors movement with his legs to carry two kicks after hit or two opponents at once.

Spark Bomber

Sharivan2 sharivanwaza02

Sharivan plunges his opponent spinning on itself before giving him a punch.

Elbow Hammer

Sharivan2 sharivanwaza03

Sharivan hits his opponent with the elbow.

Sharivan Punch

Sharivan2 sharivanwaza04

Sharivan jumps before hitting his opponent with his fist.

Magnum Chop

Sharivan2 sharivanwaza05

Sharivan jumps before wearing a collar around the neck of his opponent.

Sharivan Crash

Img 1208927 36881794 5

Sharivan Clash

As Sharivan, he uses the Laser Blade sword in his signature move Sharivan Crash to strike the opponent. Sharivan uses Prism Goggles to clearly see the object. It is a rectangular yellow glasses with crystal particles.


Ranger Key

Sharivan Ranger Key

Sharivan Ranger Key

The Sharivan Key (シャリバン Shariban Kī?) is a Metal Heroes Ranger KeyIcon-crosswiki released as part of the Ranger Keys Metal Hero Edition in Bandai Premium. It is unknown if it will appear in a future crossover. Of course as with all Ranger Keys, should it exist, it would be able to transformIcon-crosswiki one, i.e. one of the GokaigersIcon-crosswiki, into Sharivan.



  • The name "Sharivan" comes from the English word "Shine" and the "Van" from "Gavan"; Sharivan's predecessor.
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