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Space Police (宇宙警察 Uchū Keisatsu) is an alliance of several interstellar law enforcement organizations protecting the universe. Consisting of the Galactic Union Patrol which the Space Sheriffs herald from, Special Police Dekaranger and Signalman Police. The Space Police is led by the Space Police Director-General whose office bears a badge of the Galactic Union Patrol and a belt buckle similarly worn by SPD commanders, signifying an allied command structure between member organizations.

Episode 27 of Space Sheriff Sharivan Lily mentions the Space Police headquarters on Planet Bird sending a report of an escapee from the Dark Jail prison asteroid of Madou. Gekisou Sentai Carranger episode 12 introduces Signalman Coburn as a Space Police from Planet Police. Special Police Dekaranger is often referred to as Space Police by Alienizer. In the crossover series of Gokaiger all Space Police related heroes are under one large organization.

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