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"Bill Goldy! Let go! Let go!"
―Jagul's last words in her second demise after being personally dragged to death with by Bill Goldy.[src]

Sorceress Jagul (魔道士ジャグール Madōshi Jagūru?, 19, 20, 52 & 53): A mysterious insectoid-armored woman who Gaohm commissioned to create an evil B-Fighter. Jagul sent a long-horned beetle to bite Takuya Kai and obtain a DNA sample from him. From the beetle and Takuya's cells, Jagul created Shadow/Black Beet, by whom she is seemingly killed.

In reality, Jagul resurfaces long after Jamahl was destroyed and starts kidnapping young women and resurrecting defeated monsters to battle the heroes, including Gagamoth's first form and Iluba from B-Fighter and 2 robots from Janperson. She also revives Queen (Blue SWAT's enemy), Bill Goldy (Janperson's enemy), Bona, and Kell (Queen's henchmen). While the heroes were fighting the monsters, Jagul soon begins reviving/absorbing the other monsters, and transforms into Destruction God Jagul (破壊神ジャグール Hakai-shin Jagūru), a composite entity with eight arms, the faces of Gaohm's second form, Black Beet and the various resurrected creatures (Bagma Virus, Death Mult, Death Launcher, Ikari-Bomber 2, Macho Number 5, Shinigamian, Mojanga, Maskuder, Hellsgyra, Jisp, Reiko Ayanokouji, Zazanga, a Bona, and some of the aliens fought by Blue SWAT) on its torso and large arms. She even betrays and aborbs Queen and Bill Goldy once they outlive their usefulness and their faces appeared on her. She trapped the B-Fighters, Janperson, Gun Gibson, and the Blue S.W.A.T. team in a pocket dimension, but Blue Beet escapes and hits Jagul's weak point (where Gigaro's face was supposed to go when he was revived to be absorbed by Jagul) to release the others. She was mortally wounded by the ultimate attacks of Super Blue Beet, Hyper Shou, and Janperson's Jack Cannon which regressed her to her previous form. Afterwards, she is dragged into death by Bill Goldy.

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