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"Warrior of Flowers - B-Fighter Ageha!"
―Roll call[src]

Sophie Villeneuve/B-Fighter Ageha (ソフィー・ヴィルヌーブ/ビーファイターアゲハ Sofī Virunūbu/Bī Faitā Ageha?) was born on 10 May 1979. From the Paris branch, Sophie was a master violinist. At first, she had no idea how to use her Insect Commander. She was in love with Kouhei, and her song was able to awaken the Astral Saber from its sleep. She was chosen by the Butterfly Insect Medal to become Ageha, whose armor was modeled after a butterfly.

Super Mode of Toei Metal Spirit



B-Fighter Ageha

B-Fighter Ageha

B-Fighter Ageha


  • Kniving Radar - Scans for fast-moving enemies.


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