This article is about a/an armor suits in Tokkyuu Shirei Solbrain.

Solid Suits

The Solid Suit (ソリッドスーツ Soriddo Sūtsu?) is a newly developed reinforced armor suit worn by Daiki, Reiko and Ryouma for rescue activities based on Crustector. It is capable of activities at any disaster site and can defend against any enemy attacks, and its performance far surpasses Crustector. Solid Suits are worn inside SolGallop and SolDrecker, and this process is called Plus-Up (プラス・アップ Purasu Appu?). There are Heavy Types (ヘビータイプ Hebī Taipu?) that specialize in arresting criminals and securing sites (destruction of obstacles, fire fighting activities, etc.) and Light Types (ライトタイプ Raito Taipu?) that specialize in rescuing the victims. The activity time was 30 minutes, which was much longer than Crustector.



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