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Satan Gorth (サタンゴース Satangossu?): A being born of the negative energy of the Universe, the great demon god whose revival was foretold in the Galactic Bible with the power to enrage the creatures, turning then in vicious monsters. He was born in the Dark Galaxy and made his way to the Milky Way Galaxy, but before long was foiled by the Golden Bird, a being made of positive energy he greatly fears. Satan Gorth's objective is to create a Megabeast Empire in the Galaxy and rule it from the Earth, more specifically from Tokyo, Japan. In the finale, Satan Gorth discards his armor and becomes Great Satan Gorth (大サタンゴース Dai Satangossu?), possessing a Cthulhu-like appearance. He sees himself and his son, Mad Gallant, as super lifeforms.

Later Appearances

Super Mode of Toei Metal Spirit



Powers and abilities

Pupa Form

  • Possesses strength and durability that can hold its own against Daileon.
  • A scimitar that can be charged with red energy to do more damage.
  • Teleportation that allows him to travel as far away as other star systems. While doing this he can spawn electrical storms.
  • Able to adapt to the cold vacuum of space.
  • Red lasers from his eyes with various powers such as:
    • Enraging the megabeasts to become berserk.
    • Create small explosions upon contact.
    • Reactivate machines with his power.
    • Mutate smaller lifeforms into megabeasts.
    • Create megabeasts from drawings or objects.
  • When molting he can project potent red electrical surges from his body.

Super Form

  • Increased strength and durability, this time including the ability to turn into red energy and become unharmed by any attack not used by positive energy such as Daileon's Golden Sword.
  • ''Terraforming'' planets like Earth which includes summoning earthquakes, spawning vines that can emit electricity, creating jungles filled with megabeasts and giant venus fly traps of his own design, and creating electrical storms. These ''terraformed'' areas (A evil alternative\pocket reality or dimension with your personal ''nature laws'' in the really) are referred to by Mad Gallant as a ''Super Satan Gorth Zone''.
  • Ignitable mist from his mouth.
  • Release exploding tentacles from his body.
  • Red eye lasers that cause explosions and form human sized holograms of himself.
  • Red energy surges from his body.



In Armor

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true form


  • Satan Gorth's costume bears a resemblence to that of Darth Vader from the Star Wars franchise.
  • Satan Gorth is a fourth consecutive Metal Hero franchise character who Shōzō Iizuka voiced.
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