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San Dorva (サン・ドルバ San Doruba) (30-44) (Ken Nishida) arrives with his mother and takes the place of the traitor Hunter Killer. He is the son of Don Horror and Kiba, wears a crimson armor, and holds a scepter which contains his mother's brain. This pitiless chief is killed by Gavan in the final battle.


The monster Zan Vardo who was part of the revived Makuu thirty years later, boasted to the new Gavan that his body was protected by armor borne from the malice of San Dorva. Thus, he wouldn't be harmed so easily. Uchuu Keiji Gavan: The Movie


  • Keibi Doubler (30)
  • Saimin Doubler (31)
  • Totsugeki Doubler (32)
  • Kaibutsu Doubler (33)
  • Doctor Doubler (34)
  • Guts Doubler (35)
  • Urami Doubler (36)
  • Anahori Doubler (37)
  • Gang Doubler (38)
  • Nottori Doubler (39)
  • Youkai Doubler (40)
  • Jigoku Doubler (41)
  • Buffalo Doubler (42)
  • Lizard Doubler (Movie)


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