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"Wind, Clouds, Sun! I ask you from the bottom of my heart- why was I born in the world like this?! (風よ、雲よ、太陽よ!心あらば教えてくれ。なぜ、この世に生まれて来たのだ?! Kaze yo, kumo yo, taiyō yo! Kokoro areba kotaetekure. Naze, kono sekai ni umaretekitanoda?!)"
―Metalder after his first fight with Coolgin.[src]

Metalder (メタルダー Metarudā?) is a "Choujinki", a powerful war android built by Dr. Koga at the end of World War II originally as a countermeasure against the Americans. He was hidden in a secret base of the Japanese Imperial Army until Dr. Koga activated him years later to fight the Neros Empire. Whenever his energies reach a peak from rage, with the cry "Ikaru!" (怒る!? "Anger!"), he transforms into his metallic form. Powered by 'super-gravitational energy', his killing techniques include "Laser Arm", "G-Kick", "Metal Tornado" spinning kick, "Head Crash" ram, "Plasma Punch", "Metal Bomber" punching attack from above, And "1000 Hand Punch".


Choujinki Metalder

He was hidden in a secret base of the Japanese Imperial Army, the Silver Carcass, until Dr. Koga activated him years later to fight the Neros Empire.

Metalder lived in the Silver Carcass with Springer, a dog that was able to speak through a machine created by Dr. Koga. He had a human guise known as Ryusei Tsuguri. His two friends were Mai Ogi and Hakko Kita who both became aware that he was Metalder shortly after meeting him.

At the end of the series he defeats God Neros but in the process, his super-gravitational energy is greatly damaged, as a result whenever he moves longer, he will explode and the world will be destroyed by its impact. With Kita's help, Metalder is spared from destruction, but at the cost of his human form and his ability to fight as a Choujinki.

Maskman Stage Show at 3 Heroes Korakuen YuenchiIcon-crosswiki

In a stage show where the MaskmenIcon-crosswiki are seen fighting their usual foes, the Armored Army and GorgomIcon-crosswiki show up and wind up defeating them. Metalder and Kamen Rider BlackIcon-crosswiki arrive and assist the Maskmen.

Maskman Stage Show at Super Hero Korakuen YuenchiIcon-crosswiki

In a stage show where the Maskman are seen fighting the Underground Empire TubeIcon-crosswiki, Kamen Rider Black, Metalder, Spielban, Shaider, RedIcon-crosswiki & Blue FlashIcon-crosswiki, Change DragonIcon-crosswiki & PhoenixIcon-crosswiki, Green TwoIcon-crosswiki, and Dyna BlackIcon-crosswiki arrive and assist the team.

Liveman Stage Show at Super Hero Korakuen YuenchiIcon-crosswiki

In a stage show where the LivemenIcon-crosswiki are seen fighting their usual foes, Great Star League GozmaIcon-crosswiki, Reconstructive Experiment Empire MessIcon-crosswiki, Underground Empire Tube, the Armored Army and The Sorcerers Clan show up and wind up defeating them. Kamen Riders Black & RXIcon-crosswiki, Jiraya, Princess Ninja Emiha, RedIcon-crosswiki & Pink MaskIcon-crosswiki, Metalder, Red & Yellow FlashIcon-crosswiki and Change Dragon arrive and assist the Livemen.

Super Mode of Toei Metal Spirit




His human guise, Ryusei Tsurugi (剣 流星 Tsurugi Ryūsei?), is directly modeled after that of Dr. Koga's son Tatsuo of whom he lost during the war. Like Tatsuo, he loves music and plays the saxophone from time to time. His Reflection Circuit gave him the same feelings as humans and a sense of right and wrong.




As Tsurugi Ryusei

  • Height: 186cm (73" or 6'1")
  • Weight: gravity control to more than 100kg (220 lbs)
  • Time for 100 m run: 11 sec.

As Chojinki Metalder

  • Height: 190cm (75" or 6'3")
  • Weight: 250kg (551 lbs)
  • Time for 100m run: 1.5 seconds
  • Jump height: 150 metres (164 yards)
  • Punch Power: 10 cm(4 inches) through an iron board
  • Kick power: breaking an 20cm (8 inches) iron pole


  • Laser Arm
  • G-Kick
  • Jumping Distance
  • Iron Claw
  • Vacuum Adhesion Apparatus
  • Metal Tornado
  • Plasma Punch


Ranger Key

Metalder Ranger Key

Metalder Ranger Key

The Metalder Key (メタルダー Metarudā Kī?) is a Metal Heroes Ranger KeyIcon-crosswiki released as part of the Ranger Keys Metal Hero Edition in Bandai Premium. It is unknown if it will appear in a future crossover. Of course as with all Ranger Keys, should it exist, it would be able to transformIcon-crosswiki one, i.e. one of the GokaigersIcon-crosswiki, into Metalder.

Behind the scenes


Ryusei Tsurugi is portrayed by Seikō Senō (妹尾 青洸 Senō Seikō?) (credited as Akira Senō (妹尾 洸 Senō Akira?)), who also portrayed Tatsuo Koga. As Metalder, his suit actors were Kazuyoshi Yamada (山田 一善 Yamada Kazuyoshi?) and Noriaki Kaneda (金田 憲明 Kaneda Noriaki?).


  • Metalder resembles the protagonist of Shotaro Ishinomori's Kikaider.
  • Metalder shares his first name with Ryusei SakutaIcon-crosswiki/Kamen Rider Meteor.
  • In the French and Brazilian Portuguese dub, his transformation call was "Metalder!" Instead of "Ikaru!" (Anger!).
  • In the French dub, he was renamed to Héraclor while in the Brazilian dub, he was renamed to Hideki Kondo.


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