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Ryouma Kagawa/Fire (香川 竜馬/ファイヤー Kagawa Ryōma/Faiyā) – 23 years old. Ryouma is the main protagonist of Tokkei Winspector, recurring character of Tokkyuu Shirei Solbrain, and leader of the team and the only human member. Like Masaki, he is also a Police Superintendent. Kagawa is an orphan skilled in martial arts and knows five languages. His primary means of transportation is a purpose-built car named WinSquad. When initiating his transformation to Fire he calls out "Suit Up!" (着化! Chakka!). He is then equipped with an energy sword - his primary all-purpose weapon - and a suit of red armor named the Crush Tector, which offers him protection but begins to cook him after a period of time. There are also other, more specialized weapons and tools available. Ryouma has a sister.

He is 187cm (6'2" or 74") tall, weighing 70kg (154 lbs) as a human. After he becomes fire, his power is 30 times his human form, he can withstand up to 4000C or 7232F, he can jump 30m (33 yards), he can run at a speed of 100 meters per every 2.8~3.6 seconds (28m~36 m/sec.) or 109 yards in every 2.8~3.6 seconds (31yds~40yds/sec). He is 197cm tall (6' 6" or 78 in) and weighing 150 kg. (331lbs).



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The Winspector team returns to Japan and teams up with Solbrain for a three-part story (episodes 21-23). He later joined the Solbrain team as Knight Fire (ナイトファイヤー, Naito Faiyā). His new car Knight Custom when initiating his transform to Knight Fire he calls out "Plus Up" (プラスアップPurasu Appu).

Uchu Sentai Kyuranger vs. Space Squad

Fire in SS.png

Fire was still operating circa 2018, when the Genmakuu caused a skyscraper fire on the planet Arimei which claimed the lives of over 900 people. In light of this news, Geki Jumonji decided that the Space Squad formed to oppose the Genmakuu needed to collaborate with a rescue force. At the time, however, he did not have a candidate in mind. Uchu Sentai Kyuranger vs. Space Squad

Super Mode of Toei Metal Spirit

Chapter 5: Absolute Fire

In this publication, Fire's Crustector is upgraded to a new form called Absolute Fire, equipped with the shoulder mounted Multi Pack Custom Version, the left-arm mounted Mini Clapper grappling hook and the GigaStreamer Mark-2, an upgraded version of the GigaStreamer. He also has a storage for the the MaxCaliber Mark-2's Power Cartridges in the left thigh.





  • Height: 197 cm
  • Weight: 150 kg

Ability Parameters[2]

  • Jumping Power: 30 meters
  • Running Power: 100 meters per 2.8 ~ 3.6 seconds, 360 meters
  • Activity Time: 5 minutes

Ryouma wearing an armored suit Crustector to become Fire (ファイヤー Faiyā?)[3][1]. In the previous episode before final episode, he collapsed due to his poor condition, and as a result, he wore a Crustector for nearly 20 minutes, so the doctors told him that he should not wear it, as a precaution.


Knight Fire

Knight Fire

Appearances: 34, 35, 37, 40, 42, 45-47 & 51-53

Appearances in other media

Stage Shows

Fiveman Stage Show at Double Hero Korakuen Yuenchi

In a stage show where the FivemanIcon-crosswiki.png are seen fighting Silver Imperial Army ZoneIcon-crosswiki.png, Fire, Bycle, and Walter arrive assist the team.

Fiveman Stage Show at Super Hero Korakuen Yuenchi

In a stage show where the Fiveman are seen fighting Silver Imperial Army Zone, Fire, Bycle, Walter, Kamen Rider Black RXIcon-crosswiki.png, RedIcon-crosswiki.png and Pink TurboIcon-crosswiki.png, Red FalconIcon-crosswiki.png, Blue DolphinIcon-crosswiki.png and Red MaskIcon-crosswiki.png arrive and assist the Fiveman.

Jetman Stage Show at 3 Heroes Korakuen Yuenchi

In a stage show where the JetmanIcon-crosswiki.png are seen fighting Dimensional War Party VyramIcon-crosswiki.png, SolBraver, SolJeanne, and Fire arrive assist the Jetman.

Jetman Stage Show at Super Hero Korakuen Yuenchi

"Fire! Dress Up!"
―Ryouma's transformation[src]

In a stage show where the Jetman are seen fighting Dimensional War Party Vryam, SolBraver, Knight Fire, Kamen Rider Black RX, Five Red & Blue, Red & Pink Turbo, Yellow LionIcon-crosswiki.png and Red Mask arrive assist the Jetman.

Metal Hero Key

Fire Ranger Key

The Fire Key (ファイヤー Faiyā Kī?) is a Metal Heroes Ranger KeyIcon-crosswiki.png released as part of the Ranger Keys Metal Hero Edition in Bandai Premium. It is unknown if it will appear in a future crossover. Of course as with all Ranger Keys, should it exist, it would be able to transformIcon-crosswiki.png one, i.e. one of the GokaigersIcon-crosswiki.png, into Fire.


  • Technically, Ryoma is the first Metal Hero to change his armor, although he did it in the second series he appeared in.
    • The first hero to change his suit in his very series was Hayato Kano.
  • Along with his commander, he is the second main character to appear in two seasons.



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