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Ryoma Baba (馬場 良馬 Baba Ryōma?) portrayed Seigi/Space Sheriff Estevan in Uchuu Keiji Sharivan NEXT GENERATION.

He previously portrayed Ryuji IwasakiIcon-crosswiki.png/Blue Buster in Tokumei Sentai Go-BustersIcon-crosswiki.png, a Super Sentai series which had several interactions with the Metal Hero Series, most directly being the DVD special, Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters vs. Beet Buster vs. JIcon-crosswiki.png, which featured a cameo appearance by Space Sheriff Gavan, as well as the guest appearance of cast members from Uchuu Keiji Gavan: The Movie in a two-part arc consisting of episodes 31Icon-crosswiki.png and 32Icon-crosswiki.png of Go-Busters. In this capacity, he also featured in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger vs. Uchuu Keiji Gavan: The Movie, the debut appearance of the Go-Busters, as well as Kamen Rider × Super Sentai × Space Sheriff: Super Hero Taisen Z.

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