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Rocket-Man is a blue robotic monster that fired blinding flash bombs.

In "A Monster is Born," the Magnavores left a baby at Hillhurst. Little did they know, the baby was really Rocket Man in disguise. However, Rocket Man briefly reverted to a baby-like persona when Flabber materialized an over-sized bottle to distract him. The Beetleborgs took the window of opportunity and defeated him with the Sonic Lasers.

He is mentioned as being from issue #148.


  • The costume for Rocket-Man was later used in Power Rangers in Space as one of the monsters that Body Switcher turns into.
  • The costume for Rocket-Man was later de-spiked, recolored, and combined with the recolored head of Green Cannon Machine to form the Power Rangers Lost Galaxy monster Brunt.

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