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This article is about a/an monster in Big Bad Beetleborgs.


Rocket-Man is a blue robotic monster that fired blinding flash bombs.

In "A Monster is Born," the Magnavores left a baby at Hillhurst. Little did they know, the baby was really Rocket Man in disguise. However, Rocket Man briefly reverted to a baby-like persona when Flabber materialized an over-sized bottle to distract him. The Beetleborgs took the window of opportunity and defeated him with the Sonic Lasers.

He is mentioned as being from issue #148.


  • The costume for Rocket-Man was later used in Power Rangers in Space as one of the monsters that Body Switcher turns into where it also sported the recolored hands of Green Cannon Machine and generic boots.
  • The costume for Rocket-Man was later de-spiked, recolored, and combined with the recolored head and hands of Green Cannon Machine to form the Power Rangers Lost Galaxy monster Brunt.

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