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Robogorg of the 10-sai (10(テン)サイのロボゴーグ Tensai no Robogōgu?) was originally a human scientist who modified himself into a cyborg at the time when the Matrintis civilization sank into the sea. Establishing the Matrintis Empire centuries later, Robogorg sought to prove the superiority of his Matroids over the humans he came see as weak and intended to enslave. However, though he believed to have Bred-RUN of the Cyborg under his control, Robogorg realized that he was played after most of his body was scrapped by Ultimate Gosei Great with Bred-RUN blasting his head to bits.

Robogorg makes his return in Gokaiger vs. Gavan in which he, alongside Mons Drake and Kinggon, appears as an Makuu Space illusion and battles Gokai Red and Gokai Pink as they transform into Gosei Red and Gosei Pink. He is last seen incinerated during the destruction of Makuu Prison at the hands of Gokaigers.

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