This article is about a/an villain in Tokkei Winspector.


Robo (ロボオ Roboo?): An experimental robot that was designed to assist humans from birth to old age. Unfortunately Robo had a flaw in its defense system that, when activated, would turn it into a killer machine. Robo was stolen by a pair of strange men, but ended up in the hands of a boy named Akio, whose father was part of it's development team. Akio and Robo bonded, but the sudden appearance of the thieves caused Robo's defense system to activate. Robo upgraded its body by absorbing any available objects to protect Akio, including firearms, Bikel's BiSpears and Walter's DiSlider. Even with the thieves arrested, Robo still saw law enforcement as a threat. The government ordered a missile strike to terminate Robo, but the team believed Robo could be redeemed and protected it from the missile. Robo reverted to its original form and was sent back to Switzerland to be repaired. My Robot Friend