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Each B-Fighter has a Road Beetle (ロードビートル Rōdo Bītoru?) providing his primary transportation. Their
Road Beetles

Road Beetles

names are Road Kabuto (ロードカブト Rōdo Kabuto?), Road Kuwagar (ロードクワガー Rōdo Kuwagā?) and Road Tentou (ロードテントウ Rōdo Tentō?). They would be summoned by inserting data cards into their Command Voicers.

Osanaioh S

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Osanaioh S (オサナイオーS Osanaiō Esu?) is Professor Osanai's prototype of the Road Beetle that can change into Super Mode (スーパーモード Sūpā Mōdo?). Its name stands for "Operating system of Self-Awake Navigation with Accelerate-Interface-set-in 0 (zero)-Unit".

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