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Reiko Ayanokouji

Reiko Ayanokouji.

Reiko Ayanokouji (綾小路 麗子 Ayanokōji Reiko?): The diabolical head of SS-N (Super Science Network), a biological underworld organization. She turns out to actually have plans to restore the Earth to beauty, acting as more of a villain with noble intentions. Her intentions are a result of her childhood, growing up on a Space Station with her parents, raising endangered plants and flowers where she saw how beautiful the Earth could be without humanity destroying it. The Space Station got damaged and as it exploded her father put her in a Escape Pod and sent her to Earth. Determined to fulfill her parents wishes to make the Earth beautiful she undergoes a Bio Transformation, near the end of the series, and tried to turn all of humanity into fertilizers, hoping to restart the Earth as she saw fit. The Human Fertilizer capable of reviving dead plant life, her master plan to get rid of humans and become the God (Kami-Sama) of Earth. She eventually died, after receiving heavy injury from Janperson's Flash Cannon, watching a old Film reel of her time on the Space Station. She turned into a shower of beautiful white petals.

She was later absorbed by Jagul in the B-Fighter Episode 53 though she only made a cameo.