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Optical-magnetized Light Vacuum Sword

Optical-magnetized Light Vacuum Sword (磁光真空剣 Jikō Shinkū Ken?): A sword passed throughout the Togakure school, it is Jiraiya's primary weapon. When Jiraiya yells the name of the sword, it becomes a shining laser blade. Any enemy defeated by a special technique performed with the blade will be wrapped around seven differently colored lights before vanishing. Only Toha, who is descended from the space alien that brought the sword, can use it to its full powers. Like the Jiraiya Suit, it was created from a meteorite that arrived from 300 light years away from Earth and fell into a glacier at the North Pole. When not in used, it is usually kept hidden inside a mirror within the Bujinkan school. It has its own fill as well. With this sword, Jiraiya can perform the following special techniques:

  • Front Bisection (真っ向両断 Makkō Ryōdan?): A technique which cuts the enemy in half vertically, which is followed by a horizontal slice. It is Jiraiya's most commonly used finishing move.
  • Horizontal Flash (横一閃 Yoko Issen?): A finishing move in which the enemy is cult in half horizontally. A variation of the technique is also used which can take down up to three adversaries at the same time, which is used in Episodes 14 and 48.
  • Lightning Flash Drop (稲妻落とし Inazuma Otoshi?): A technique in which the sword gathers lightning and when it radiates, it can attack numerous enemies at the same time. It is used in Episode 8 to break through Abdad's sorcery and again in Episode 18 to destroy the Devil King armor.
  • Diagonal Bisection (斜め両断 Naname Ryōzan?): Technique used during Jiraiya's second transformation. The technique slices enemy diagonally and then horizontally. It is first used during Episode 12 at the middle of a border several times.
  • Soaring Slice (飛翔斬り Hishō Kiri?): Technique used during Jiraiya's second transformation. While curving, Jiraiya slices the enemy in an x-like pattern. It is the technique uses in Episode 20 to destroy the Sorcerers Clan's "Buffalo" tank.
  • Ginkgo Slice (銀杏斬り Ichō Kiri?): Technique used during Jiraiya's second transformation. It is performed while Jiraiya is somersaulting in the air. Jiraiya uses in Episode 29 to destroy the Sorcerers Clan's "Giant Cannon" weapon.
  • Crossed Slice (十文字斬り Jūmonji Kiri?): An enhanced version of the Front Bisection used during Jiraiya's second transformation, which finishes the enemy off faster than the regular version. Jiraiya uses in Episode 29 against Dokusai, wounding his left arm, as well as in Episode 45 to finish off the Paper Ninja Clan Leader.
  • Wheelbarrow Cut (一輪車断 Ichirinsha Dan?): Technique used during Jiraiya's second transformation. The enemy is cut after Jiraiya rotates his sword. Used in Episode 44.
  • Optical-magnetized True Eye Slash (磁光真眼斬り Jikō Shingan Kiri?): The most essential technique of the Togakure school, which Jiraiya learns from Tetsuzan in Episode 49. Jiraiya turns his mind blank and transform his body into an antenna with the Art of Mind Guessing (察気術 Satsuki Jutsu?) to predict his enemy's movements and then slices as he turns around. The technique is capable of cutting the user itself when applied to a mirror. The technique managed to wound Demost, as well as destroy Dokusai's mask during the final episode.

When Jiraiya returns in Shuriken Sentai NinningerIcon-crosswiki, AkaNinger ChozetsuIcon-crosswiki is granted use of the Optical-magnetized Light Vacuum Sword via the Jiraiya Nin ShurikenIcon-crosswiki.

The Optical-magnetized Light Vacuum Sword is ultimately inherited by Touma Amagi when he succeeds Toha as Jiraiya. Uchu Sentai Kyuranger vs. Space Squad


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