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Ohashi Seto's Mutant - Part 1 (瀬戸大橋の怪人Ⅰ Seto Ōhashi no Kaijin Pāto Wan?) and Ohashi Seto's Mutant - Part 2 (瀬戸大橋の怪人Ⅱ Seto Ōhashi no Kaijin Pāto Tsū?) are the fortieth and forty-first episode respectively of Tokkei Winspector.


Numerous incidents of people suddenly bursting into flames happen all over Japan. Winspector is called to Shikoku in Western Japan to investigate. What begins as an extortion case turns into something far more terrifying. And what of the mysterious boy who traveled all alone to Shikoku? How does he fit into this puzzle? It's an action packed adventure in the city of Takamatsu... the first part of a two part investigation!

The action continues in Part II of Winspector's case in Shikoku! With Junko and a mysterious young boy taken captive by the group of clones, Ryoma and Commander Masaki are forced to find out what the chairman of Kasuga Rayon really knows. Where did these clones come from... and can they be stopped before he releases the deadly TX-3? Don't miss the exciting conclusion!


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Here's what it looks like on the eyecatch.


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