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A monster created from Cross World City's evilest convict "Nutty" Nichols. Grimlord freed him from jail and used Strickland to transform him into a monster. The Nutty Monster had green skin and was very muscular and had an oversized cranium (almost similar to Hulk and Leader). While Jailbot went after Ryan, the Nutty Monster was sent after JB and Kaitlin. Nutty had a craving weakness for peanuts that the Troopers used to their advantage. They lured him back to the lab and transformed him back into a human, in which he passed out. The Troopers returned Nutty back to the prison, where he expressed his remorse for all the damage he caused, but said as a result he should be set free, making his claim dubious.


  • This was a VR Troopers original and the last mutant to be made out of a human being.
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