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This article is about a/an evil organization in Choujinki Metalder.

The Neros Empire (ネロス帝国 Nerosu Teikoku?) is the underbelly of the Kirihara Konzern (桐原コンツェルン Kirihara Kontserun?) Corporation. Located at Shinjuku, it covertly controls all activities of the world's criminal organizations, including terrorists and finance. The Neros Empire's goal is world domination with economic and military might. The leaders meet at the Ghost Bank, a ring of gates containing key army officers surrounding God Neros' throne. The area enclosed by the gates and throne serves as both an arena and as a strategy room. Divided into four Units: Armored, Robotic Warrior, Monster and Armament.


Virtual Reality - American counterpart in VR Troopers