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Neo Beet Machines

The Neo Beet Machines.

The Neo Beet Machines (ネオビートマシン Neo Bīto Mashin?) are the B-Fighters' super machines that they use to fight Melzard airborne and ground vehicles. They emerge from the Beetle Base (ビートルベース Bītoru Bēsu?), the B-Fighter's base of operations following the command "Neo Beet Machines, launch!". They can join together in the Joint Formation, with the Kabutron and Kuwaga Tank attaching to the underside of the Stealth Gyro's wings. The Beetle Base was blown up along with the Neo Beet Machines thanks to the efforts of Killmantis, Beezack, Dezzle and Dord near the finale.

Neo Beet Machines


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Kabutron (カブトロン Kabutoron?) is Kabuto's Neo Beet Machine, a gold and black 6-wheeled vehicle with a rhinoceros beetle horn on the front. From this horn it can fire a powerful energy blast, the Kabuto Shooter (カブトシューター Kabuto Shūtā?). It can open its wings to reveal jets that let it fly for Flight Mode (フライトモード Furaito Mōdo?). It can also tilt downward for Battle Formation (バトルフォーメーション Batoru Fōmēshon?) so that its horn can dig a trench in the ground to dig up underground enemies, and can throw an enemy in the Horn Thruster (ホーンスラスター Hōrn Surasutā?) attack.

Kuwaga Tank

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Kuwaga Tank (クワガタンク Kuwaga Tanku?) is Kuwagar's Neo Beet Machine, a black tank with two pincerlike horns on the front. The Kuwaga Tank can grab enemies in these horns and toss them about. On top, it has a double-barreled gun, the Kuwagar Cannon (クワガーキャノン Kuwagā Kyanon?). It can convert to Battle Formation, the front rising up and folding back, and can fire off its horns to hit enemies at long-range in the Shoot Scissors (シュートシザース Shūto Shizāsu?) attack.

Stealth Gyro

Stealth Gyro

Stealth Gyro.

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Stealth Gyro (ステルスジャイロ Suterusu Jairo?) is Tentou's Neo Beet Machine, a small plane with two large turbines on its tail and two large wings with hover turbines on them. The Stealth Gyro can fire a blast of energy from its Stealth Blaster (ステルスブラスター Suterusu Burasutā?). In Joint Formation (ジョイントフォーメーション Jointo Fōmēshon?), it can transport the two Neo Beet Machines, attaching Kabutron and Kuwaga Tank to the underside of the its wings.

Joint Formation

Joint Formation

Joint Formation.

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Joint Formation (ジョイントフォーメーション Jointo Fōmēshon?) is the combination of the B-Fighters Neo Beet Machines. Stealth Gyro can transport the other two Neo Beet Machines, attaching Kabutron and Kuwaga Tank to the underside of its wings.

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