Monster Mother

Monster Mother was originally shown on a screen summoned by Nukus' power with Les' narration to demonstrate the birth and history of "Brain Sucker comics" as seen in "Attack of the Brain Suckers."

Outside of the Brain Sucker comics origin, this monster was created by Dr. Baron von Frankenbeans in "Experiment in Evil." The Hillhurst monsters were tired of being caught in the middle of the Beetleborgs' war, so they enlist the doctor's assistance. However, Dr. Frankenbeans and the creation were captured. When the Beetleborgs went to save him, they soon discovered that the Crustaceans fled in fear of the monster after it hatched from its egg. To kill Dr. Frankenbeans' monster, they had to sever the main root. They did so with their Mega Spectra armor and mega-weapons (Drew's Wrist-Rocket, Roland's Spectra-Lance, and Jo's Cross-Bow).

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